Few Things to Know While Shipping Your RV or Travel Trailer

Usually, for shipping an RV, your cost per mile will depend on the distance that you want to ship it. For the range within the first 100 miles, the rate will be almost $4 per mile. However, if you want to ship a longer distance then the rate will tend to go down. For shipping the next 900 miles you will need to pay from $1 to $3 per mile.

Moving all over the country with an RV will be difficult for any typical traveler, however, if you are aware of what you will get into then you can decide whether the cost for shipping an RV will be right for you or not.

We will discuss in this post a few RV / Travel Trailer shipping Tips. Ship A Car, Inc. also provides this service and the following are a few services available from SAC.

  • Flatbed services: Transportation of RV via flatbed will consist of flatbed trailers and larger trucks. This method can haul multiple campers or RVs at a single time and also for longer distances.
  • Tow away services: For your RV, a tow-away service will need special trucks and equipment for ensuring safe transportation and loading. The type of truck and equipment will depend on the type and size of the RV that requires transportation.
  • Driveaway service: By using this method, the RV transport company will first dispatch a driver for driving personally and transport the RV to its proper destination. There will be no need for any additional vehicle or equipment.

How to prepare the RV for shipping?

Because of larger sizes of RVs, most shipping companies now have restricted roads where they will be able to take your rig. So, you must reserve your shipping of RV job at least 1 -2 weeks before you hand over the RV. Usually, it takes about 8-11 days to get an RV shipped.

While shipping your RV, you must ensure that every drawer, door, and cabinet is properly shut and also taped down. Takedown anything you can remove, including shelves, pictures, etc. Also, remove any flammable items to keep the RV safe.

Few transport companies also offer a list of things to do before handing over the vehicle to transporters.

What if the RV gets damaged during shipping?

Everybody will be concerned about his RV while shipping due to rocky terrain, or the carelessness of drivers. One preventive measure can be getting RV shipping insurance.

You can also take a few pictures of your RV so that you will know what you must claim when getting it back. You can also thoroughly inspect your RV when you receive it from the transporter. Therefore, more pictures and documentation you have prepared for the vehicle will help you to claim from the insurance company.

As such, most RV transporting companies will try to ensure that you have a better experience with them. However, you need to take every possible precaution so that you can ensure that you can receive back your RV in a good condition.

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